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“do not tell her you love her if you are not ready for her to call you at 3 AM freaking out.
do not tell her you love her if you cannot handle her father or mother.
do not tell her you love her if you cannot love her at her worse.
do not tell her you love her if you only crave for her curves, not her mind.
do not tell her you love her if you cannot deal with her mood swings.
do not tell her you love her just to have sex.”

do not tell her you love her. Krystal Gonzalez  (via staywithmeforevr)

9229) As much as I hate food and what it does to me, not a second goes by where I don’t think about it.


if it was easy to get to, everyone would go.



When I say “please don’t take a picture of me” it’s not because I’m being bitchy and stubborn, it’s because if I see that picture I will seriously feel so bad about myself and think I am the ugliest thing on earth and sink a little deeper into self consciousness and hatred.


It’s important to talk about how vaccines don’t cause autism, but can we please also talk about how much people must hate autism if they’d rather expose their child to polio, measles and chickenpox than autism?


boys moaning is basically the hottest thing a guy can do besides give you neck kisses

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

C. S. Lewis (via lazarusknowsthetruth)

9896) I opened up to my boyfriend about my ed and since then he’s been working with me everyday to try and help me with my recovery. Everyday he asks me what I’ve eaten and if I’ve thrown it up. On my good days he tells me how proud he is of me and how much he loves me. On my bad days he reassures me that everything is going to be all right and that he loves me. I feel like out of everyone I’ve know he’s the only one who’s actually cared about getting me better.

Wow this is beautiful!


Little donkey friend giving me courage for my first job as a contributing photographer for The Urban List. It’s kind of the first photography job where I’m not working on a freelance basis which is exciting!!

Taken on my phone. Processed with VSCOcam

“One way to avoid killing your heart is to decide that you will spend your whole life growing up. I am not saying you should aspire to the maturity level of the characters in Hot Tub Time Machine; I am suggesting we resist a life that looks, in line-graph form, like it goes up and up and up and then it stops, and then it levels out, and then it stays on that flat plane until death. I hope to live a life that goes up and up and up until the end, with the inevitable dip here and there. I hope to continue to learn and change.”

Tavi, serving up some 17-year-old realness.   (via otherwiseknownaskate)

“In actuality, women are complicated, women are multifaceted. Not because women are crazy, but because people are crazy, and women happen to be people”

Tavi Gevinson  (via dirty-shirley)